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Growing a thriving business on Amazon requires a solid foundation in these four areas…


If you aim at nothing you will hit it. Without a solid plan you won’t achieve your business goals.


Your product line is the engine of your business. The better you source, the more you sell.


Marketing your products on Amazon and off keeps your biz ahead of the competitive curve.


To maximize sales and margins, you must run your business smarter and more effectively.

Most Amazon businesses have weak links in these areas that prevent them from growing, or even worse, making a profit.

You can’t list your products on Amazon and hope that they will sell (they won’t).

There are a very specific actions you must take to:


  • Get your new products found and selling
  • Keep them selling!
  • Make sure they are profitable
Treat your business like a business and it will pay you like a business. Treat your business like a hobby and it will cost you like a hobby.    -Lisa Suttora

From $50K to $1 Million a Year

Lisa immediately saw the potential in my business, in my brand, and more importantly, in me as a person. Now I see that where I can take my business is where I want to. When I met Lisa, my sales were about $50K per year, and now 4 years later, pretty close to doing $1 million. Lisa is my guiding light, and whatever she tells me to do, I just do it. I’m so fortunate to have her!

– Leslie

AMP is only program of its kind that delivers step-by-step, leading-edge, growth strategies in the 4 CORE areas of focus required for your Amazon business to thrive

A Solid Business Plan

Start by putting together a customized plan for growth.

  • Our exclusive Holistic Business Plan will help you map out the exact steps you need to implement to achieve your business goals
  • Designed specifically for Amazon & Ecommerce, the Holistic Business Plan covers all areas of your business
  • A proven plan used by thousands of online merchants to create six-figure and seven-figure businesses

Smart Sourcing

Your product line is the engine of your business. Our Smart Sourcing training will help you build a product line that will increase your sales and profits.

  • Learn the right way to build a product line (whether you source via wholesale or private label)
  • Discover how to source products that differentiate what you sell from your competition
  • Implement Smart Sourcing practices that can double or triple your sales

Marketing That Get Results

You can’t just list it and leave it. Marketing your products is essential to selling successfully on Amazon.

  • Learn exactly what type of marketing is right for your business
  • Stop wasting time on marketing that doesn’t get results
  • Learn my exclusive step-by-step formula for getting your product found in search and  converting to sales

I just want to say thank you for this very detailed and dialed in training about Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. I started some ads several months ago after one of our Masterclasses, and have now used this recent class to fine tune my ads. To date, I have spent $345.00 to get over $8,000.00 in sales!

Sharon H

AMP Program Member

Operations: Run Your Business Efficiently & Profitably

If you don’t pay attention to the details in your business, you are guaranteed to be losing money that could have been kept as profits.

  • Learn how to streamline your business to operate more effectively
  • Discover how to “walk the floors” to increase sales and profits
  • Our exclusive Amazon Business Blueprint will walk you through all the areas in your business that you need to pay attention to

Work with Lisa Suttora Directly in the AMP Private Facebook Group

Unlike most programs (where the program creator doesn’t participate in the Facebook group) Lisa is in the AMP Facebook Group working with program members 5 days a week!

  • You’ll get direct answers from Lisa, including business growth strategies and insights to increase your sales
  • A private confidential, business minded community, the AMP Facebook group is all about business!
  • Lisa & the AMP community is here for you 7 days a week!


lisa-circleMarch 24th, 2017

From: Lisa Suttora, Amazon Commerce and Ecommerce Strategist

Dear Amazon Merchant,

If you’re ready to take your Amazon sales to the next level, you’re in the right place.

For over a decade, I’ve worked with thousands of independent online merchants just like you to help them achieve their ecommerce goals.

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels, and are ready to get on with the business of building your business, you need a road map and a coach that can get you there…

From $159K to $500K and a Team This Year!

The most I’d sold on my website was $159,000 in a year. But this year, I expanded to an Amazon sales channel year, just bought a new, huge house, I now have 2 employees, and I’m gong to gross over half a million dollars. And it’s all because of Lisa and her training.

– Nicki

Collectively, AMP program members sell over $18 Million Dollars in products on Amazon per year!

Scale Your Sales with Our Library of 21+ Step-by-Step Courses and New Training Added Each Week!


Here is just a sampling of the AMP Training classes you will use to grow your business…

Business Planning

Product Line & Sourcing



New Training Added Every Week!

Every week you’ll receive a new Learn & Do video training to help you increase your sales!


Here are all the amazing benefits you'll get as a part of the AMP program...


AMP is an ongoing Business Acceleration Program

  • The Exclusive Holistic Business Plan
  • Our Exclusive Step-by-Step Amazon Business Blueprint
  • Library of AMP Step-by-Step Masterclasses
  • A NEW LIVE Masterclass Each Month!
  • Library of Step-by-Step Miniclasses
  • New Bite-Sized Miniclasses Each Month!
  • Seasonal Selling Calendar – Capitalize on the selling seasons, holidays, and obscure selling dates 
  • Private AMP Facebook Mastermind group lead by Lisa Suttora

Thank you, thank you, thank you – for all the great marketing advice and mentoring that helped us achieve our best holiday sales ever!


Sanjay Chandiram

AMP Program Member

As you can see... you can't afford NOT to join AMP!


My business has gone from a small jewelry selling business to half a million dollars, all because of Lisa’s mentoring. She is able to determine exactly what you want to do before you even know you want to do it.

– Sharon


starYes Lisa! I’m Ready to Take My Amazon Sales to the Next Level!

Please Give Me Full Access to 12 Months of the AMP Business Acceleration Program  Including…


  • The Exclusive 2017 Holistic Business Plan
  • Our Exclusive Step-by-Step Amazon Business Blueprint
  • Library of Step-by-Step Amazon Sales Acceleration Masterclasses
  • A NEW LIVE Masterclass Each Month!
  • Library of Step-by-Step Miniclasses
  • New Bite-Sized Miniclasses Each Month!
  • Seasonal Selling Calendar – Capitalize on the selling seasons, holidays, and obscure selling dates 
  • Work with Lisa Suttora in the Private AMP Facebook Mastermind Group

AMP Training is a digital product. After you complete your payment, you will get access to the members-only area with the program content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AMP a fixed self-paced program or an active coaching program?

AMP is an active group coaching program with a LIVE Masterclass each month. In addition to the live classes, you’ll also receive new pre-recorded mini-classes each month with the latest strategies in Amazon Commerce.

Will I actually get access to Lisa Suttora?

Yes! Lisa is active daily in the private AMP Facebook group. Not only is she there providing coaching for the AMP group, she also gets to know your business and will provide personalized guidance in the Facebook group.

Sounds, great, but why is the program so affordable? What’s the catch?

Since 2004, Lisa Suttora Int’l has been known for providing high-quality, solid, leading-edge training programs for Amazon, Ebay and web sellers. While the past few years have brought about a number of multi-thousand dollar programs with program leaders who are not accessible or disappear after the sales is made, we have never veered from our mission of making high-quality training and coaching affordable and accessible to everyone.

Is AMP for brand new sellers or established merchants?

The AMP program is geared to both to established & emerging  Amazon sellers who want to increase their sales and take their business to the next level.  To be a good fit for AMP you should have some Amazon sales experience and a desire to sell professionally.

I’m a multi-channel seller, is AMP right for me?

Yes! Many of our AMP program members are multi-channel merchants.

I sell private label products, will AMP show me how to increase my sales and grow my PL product line?

Absolutely! About 60% of our students currently (or will be selling this year) private label products.

Will Lisa be working with me 1:1?

The AMP training program itself is a group coaching program. But Lisa does answer individual questions in the Facebook group. Lisa sells Business Strategy 1:1’s. AMP members get first access to limited sessions

All businesses are different, how does a group coaching program work?

While all AMP program members are at different levels in their sales and business experience, the process of building a successful Amazon business follows a structured set of foundational pieces. This includes your business plan, sourcing strategy, marketing, and operations. In AMP you’ll learn the most current strategies to build your business. You’ll get your foundational training through our Masterclasses and Miniclasses and Lisa’s personal touch on your business in the Facebook group.

How long will I receive access to the AMP Program?

AMP is a 12 month Business acceleration program. You will receive full access to the program content for 12 months from the date you register.



Refund Policy

Unlike many companies that are anxious to make the sale and not the refund, we don’t want you to pay for AMP unless you’re confident it’s a good fit. If you have any questions prior to purchasing the program, please contact our awesome support team at

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