June 2nd, 2023

From: Lisa Suttora, Amazon Sales and Marketing Strategist

Dear Amazon Merchant,

It’s a fact. The world of selling on Amazon is changing at a rapid pace…

But is your business changing with it?


  • In 2017, Amazon has already made major changes to the way you must optimize your product page to get it ranked well in Amazon search
  • They’ve started not indexing or lowering page rank for pages that don’t conform
  • There there are BIG changes coming in May 2017 for brands that sell on Amazon
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads have gotten very expensive and competitive which means you need to add new ways of getting traffic to your products

And while demand for products on Amazon has never been greater…

  • Last year, Amazon accounted for 53% of ALL ecommerce growth.
  • In 2017, 50%+ of ALL buyers will begin their product searches on Amazon!

Will they find and buy your product?

Competition for sales on Amazon is at an all time high…

If your product page doesn’t achieve a page one rank at least 5-10 top buyer searches, less than 20% of Amazon buyers will find your product!!


And it doesn’t stop there.

Once a shopper finds your listing, your page has to convert to a sale.

  • Your product page must show and tell the customer everything they need to know to make their purchase
  • You need to write the right kind of content to sell your product and differentiate your product from the competition
  • If you’re a brand owner, you need to leverage Enhanced Brand Content to increase your sales

The bottom line?

You can’t simply list your products on Amazon and expect them to sell.

Your product page must be effectively optimized to do three things well:


  • SEO 
  • SELL

A fully optimized product page is the foundation of selling your products successfully on Amazon.

But this is not a “set it and forget it” process.

You must continually improve and update your product page for both search and conversion.

AND keep it optimized for Amazon’s ever changing page rank algorithm.

Now that your page is optimized, it’s time to get traffic to it…

  • The other piece of the puzzle to maximizing Amazon sales, is driving traffic to your listing.
  • While organic search traffic will be a big factor in driving buyers to your product page
  • You need to take control of getting more buyers to your listings with using both on-Amazon and off-Amazon marketing, because…

Gone are the days of relying solely on Amazon to bring you customers and sales.

  • To maximize and grow your sales on Amazon, you need need a new model.


A model that leverages the power of an optimized product page with on-Amazon & off-Amazon marketing.

The only training program of its kind that delivers the most current, leading-edge training for Amazon Product Page Optimization, On-Amazon & Off-Amazon sales and marketing strategies…

But it doesn’t stop there… you won’t be left alone to implement by yourself.  You’ll also get mentoring and guidance, from Lisa Suttora, a trusted marketplace strategist with 16 years of ecommerce experience.

And access to the AMP Training community, a braintrust of smart, dedicated, professionally minded sellers.

Since I began learning from Lisa,  my Amazon sales have gone from $50,000 a year to a million dollar a year business. (can’t believe I’m writing this!)

Lisa immediately saw the potential in my business, in my brand, and more importantly, in me as a person. Now I see that where I can take my business is where I want to. 

Lisa is my guiding light. I have the confidence to know I can take this business anywhere I want and create it to look how ever I want it to be.

Leslie K

AMP Program Member

Get Immediate 7x24 Access to the AMP Training Library. Viewable on Desktop or Mobile.

New AMP Training classes and tutorials added every month! All training is recorded, so you’ll never miss a thing!

1. Amazon Product Page Optimization Training


Increase Your Sales with a Product Page that is FULLY Optimized for Search and Conversion

Most product pages don’t even begin to take advantage of all the search and conversion optimization possibilities.

AMP Page Optimization training will show you exactly how to get your product ranked for your TOP mainstream and long-tail buyer searches, and convert more sales

Page optimization is THE most important component of selling on Amazon (next to good sourcing).


Your Amazon product page is your salesperson. It goes to work 7x24 selling your product.

Without a well-optimized product page, your product won’t sell.  And all the time, effort and money invested in sourcing good products will go to waste.

You’ll learn the following product page optimization skills…

My expertise in Amazon page optimization comes with 12 years experience in product page optimization, and over 2000 pages successfully optimized for page 1 Amazon rankings.

When it comes to page optimization, things are constantly changing on Amazon. You’ll stay ahead of the curve with the latest page optimization strategies.

Our step-by-step training will show you how to product pages that sell. You’ll stop losing valuable time and money when you learn how to fully optimize your product pages.

We’re dominating Page 1 for our category and, having a hard time keeping our best seller in stock! Thank you for all you do!

Jim K

AMP Training Program Member

I just uploaded the optimized listing for my new product and six hours later my first sale has already come through!! So excited!

UPDATE: In one week, we are already 30% sold out of one variation!

Felicity W

AMP Training Program Member

Good morning Lisa,I just had to share ….. over the last couple weeks I’ve implemented your page optimization and ASPA teachings on my PL product pages (and a few others). I am so excited! One of my products has been maintaining the #2 best seller spot in its category for a couple days now and sales are super. So, thank you thank you thank you — it all works!

Alice L

AMP Training Program Member

Lisa, I’ve listened to half of the Product Page Optimization videos so far. What can I say, but WOW! The information and detail you provide is so over the top. Thanks!

Cindy M

AMP Training Program Member

2. Implement Sales and Marketing Training to Drive More Sales & Get New Customers


Our Step-by-Step Training Gets Results

You can’t build a business on outdated strategies.

Our leading-edge Masterclasses bring you the most current, effective page optimization, sales and marketing training that will keep your Amazon business three steps ahead of the competition.

Thank you, thank you, thank you – for all the great marketing advice and mentoring that helped us achieve our best holiday sales ever!


Sanjay C.

AMP Program Member

The most I’d sold on my website was $159,000 in a year. But after taking Lisa’s advice and expanding to an Amazon sales channel, our sales soared to over half a million dollars this year. 

She also helped me build my team. I have a team of three and was able to take an amazing vacation for the first time in years. My sales growth enabled me to buy my dream house. Our new website was just nominated for a Blades award, and the business continues to grow. 

This year we’re creating our own branded  products, our reach on social media is growing rapidly, and we’re positioned to take things to the next level! I owe it all to Lisa and her training.

Nicki S

AMP Program Member

I just want to say thank you for this very detailed and dialed in training about Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. I started some ads several months ago after one of our Masterclasses, and have now used this recent class to fine tune my ads. To date, I have spent $345.00 to get over $8,000.00 in sales!

Sharon H

AMP Program Member

One of the most important benefits of the Amazon Product Sales, Marketing and Promotion training is that it is all 100% within Amazon’s Terms of Service.

This means you’ll grow your Amazon sales with sustainable strategies, and keep your account in good standing.

You don’t need to cheat to compete.

Additionally, I’ll keep you up to date on all the Amazon policy changes, lay them out step-by-step and make sure that you know exactly what steps to take to keep your account in compliance with Amazon’s TOS.


And THIS is why you are the only one I pay for. Your integrity is astounding, Lisa

Deb D

AMP Training Program Member

When we joined the group in 2013, we’d been in business for 10 years! I thought “What does Lisa know that I don’t!” 

We listened to Lisa and followed her direction, and we’ve never looked back. Lisa ROCKS! She is the best player on our team!

Dennis E.

AMP Program Member

3. Get Guidance and Support from a Mentor Who Cares about Your Success


Work Lisa Suttora in the AMP Private Facebook Group

You are not alone.

With AMP Training, you won’t be alone while implementing these sales growth strategies. I’ll be right there with you in the AMP Facebook Mastermind group, guiding you along the way.

Unlike most programs (where the program creator doesn’t participate in the Facebook group) I’m in the AMP Facebook Group working with program members 5 days a week!


Lisa Suttora I love that you are in here 99% of the time really helping us understand our issue and a way to solve it. I have asked other groups, set up by “industry leaders” (use that term loosely) why they don’t comment. I hear crickets. So people in the group are left trying to help each other. You’re a TRUE leader.

Cher N

AMP Program Member

4. Network, Mastermind and Connect with the AMP Training Community – Get the Answers Your Need, and the Support You Want


The AMP Training community is a private, professionally minded community of merchants who sell on Amazon and beyond.

Our members are smart, savvy and generous with their knowledge.

Because this is a private mastermind group, that is moderated by Lisa Suttora, it is a safe, trusted environment in which to ask your business questions.

Knowing where to go to get accurate answers, reliable feedback, and sage insights – knowing who to trust – is a real challenge.

The AMP Training community is all that and more.


With AMP Training, you get the whole package… leading edge training, mentoring and growth focused community

  • AMP Training Library: Product Page Optimization, Sales and Marketing Training Classes
  • A NEW LIVE Masterclass Each Month! (Recorded and available in the AMP Training Library)
  • New Bite-Sized Mini-classes Each Month! (Recorded and available in the AMP Training Library)
  • Guidance and mentoring from Lisa Suttora in the AMP Facebook Mastermind group
  • A supportive community of like-minded sellers in the AMP Facebook Mastermind group lead by Lisa Suttora
  • BONUS: The 2017 Holistic Business Plan



Create a DOABLE Plan for Increasing Your Sales
Start increasing your sales with our exclusive 2017 Holistic Business Plan.

Designed specifically for Amazon and Ecommerce, the Holistic Business Plan will help you get clarity on what you want to do in your business. Once you do that, you can map out the exact steps you need to take your sales to the next level.


Greetings from Costa Rica! Yes, we are having FUN! Thank you, Lisa. You helped make all this possible.

My business has gone from a small jewelry selling business to a half million dollars, all because of Lisa’s training and mentoring. 

Our business continues to grow, we’re exploring new areas of growth this year, and everything you’ve taught us to implement has paid off!

Sharon B

AMP Program Member

AMP Training is one of a kind.

Yes Lisa, I’d Like to Upgrade to AMP Training!

I want to take advantage of the one-time ONLY Exclusive Offer for the “”The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Amazon Product Page That Sells!” course owners

Monthly Membership

($55 every 30 days)

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1 Year Membership (*Best Value)

(One-time Payment)

AMP Training is a digital product. After you complete your payment, you will get access to the members-only area with the program content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AMP Training a fixed self-paced program or an active coaching program?

AMP is an active group training program with a LIVE Masterclass each month and pre-recorded Mini-Classes each month. In addition to the live classes, you’ll also receive access to the AMP Training Library with recorded page optimization, sales and marketing training..



Will I actually get access to Lisa Suttora?

Yes! Lisa is active daily in the private AMP Facebook group. Not only is she there providing coaching for the AMP group, she also gets to know your business and will provide personalized guidance in the Facebook group.


Sounds, great, but why is the program so affordable? What’s the catch?

Since 2004, Lisa Suttora Int’l has been known for providing high-quality, solid, leading-edge training programs for Amazon, Ebay and web sellers. While the past few years have brought about a number of multi-thousand dollar programs with program leaders who are not accessible or disappear after the sales is made, we have never veered from our mission of making high-quality training and coaching affordable and accessible to everyone.


Is AMP for brand new sellers or established merchants?

The AMP program is geared to both to established & emerging  Amazon sellers who want to increase their sales and take their business to the next level.  To be a good fit for AMP you should have some Amazon sales experience and a desire to sell professionally.

I’m a multi-channel seller, is AMP right for me?

Yes! Many of our AMP program members are multi-channel merchants.

I sell private label products, will AMP show me how to increase my sales and grow my PL product line?

Absolutely! About 80% of our students currently (or will be selling this year) private label products.


Will Lisa be working with me 1:1?

The AMP training program itself is a group training program. But Lisa does answer individual questions in the Facebook group. Lisa does a very limited amount of 1:1 consulting. For details, visit lisasuttora.com. 


All businesses are different, how does a group coaching program work?

While all AMP Training program members are at different levels in their sales and business experience, the process of building a successful Amazon business follows a structured set of foundational pieces. We get the maximum benefit from AMP Training, we recommend that you have some experience selling on Amazon.


How long will I receive access to the AMP Program content?

 You will receive full access to the program content for as long as you are a member.


Refund Policy

Unlike many companies that are anxious to make the sale and not the refund, we don’t want you to pay for AMP unless you’re confident it’s a good fit. If you have any questions prior to purchasing the program, please contact our awesome support team at http://whatdoisellsupport.com

Lisa thank you so much! The system you outlined is a great start for me in terms of figuring out how to build my team. Putting in place the right systems is key. Thank you for your words of wisdom!

Cailyn C

AMP Program Member

I had taken at least 3 courses on selling on Amazon from well-known gurus. But I had taken no action and made no sales.

Then I took Lisa’s course and sold my first product!

Lisa’s training, support and feedback taught me how to be successful. Her AMP Facebook community is filled with smart, caring, knowledgeable people who give me answers and help me know I’m not alone. Lisa trains in the whole package – the details of selling successfully, how to run a business, and the all important “mindset”.

Today, I’ve established strong relationships with vendors, found my unique niche and am selling $60,000 per month.

Kathleen M

AMP Program Member

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